Class Descriptions

Creative Movement and Preschool Classes-
A course that focuses on an introduction to dance.  The class will develop motor skills, finger plays, creativity, coordination, creative thinking, group play, cooperative play and spatial awareness.  Class will be thirty minutes of ballet and movement and fifteen minutes of tap including introduction of basic tap steps.

A classical focus mostly based on the Cecchetti method. This form of dance focuses on technique, terminology, and choreography.  Class will consist of barre work, adagio, allegros, across the floor exercises, vocabulary comprehension, and focus on correct body placement.

Dancers are invited into the pointe class.  Class will focus on proper alignment, correct placement, weight distribution, knowledge of pointe shoes and work towards overall stability.

Lyrical  Dance-
Focuses on the combination of ballet and jazz movement as well as proper technique.  Movement is used to express emotions. Class will consist of warm up, across the floor, combinations focusing on fluidity and connection to lyrics.  Also explore the art of improvisation allowing the dancer to create their own movement.

Contemporary Dance-
Focuses on the combination of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet techniques.  Strong focus on floor work, improvisation, and fluid movements will be offered in this course. 

Irish Step-
Step dancing is distinctively Irish, combining artistry, grace, and physical ability.  The class begins with a basic knowledge of the techniques such as an appreciation for the rhythm of the music, proper arm position, turning out the feet and stance.  Students will learn soft shoe dancing called reels and slip jigs, which is similar to ballet. Following the soft shoe seps will come hard shoe steps, where dancers create rhythmic beats similar to tap. 

Jazz Dance-
A creative dance technique that focuses on creating flexibility and strength providing energy for leaps, lifts, turns, isolations, and fast footwork.  The class consists of center warm up, across the floor progressions and center combinations.  

Tap Dance-
An understanding of creating intricate footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor.  Class consists of warm ups and center progressions, across the floor combinations and choreography. 
Hip Hop-
A high energy style of dance that plays age appropriate music.  Children will learn confidence in creating fresh, funky moves.  Class consists of center warm up, across floor movement and combinations.      

A course that teaches intro into cheerleading movements, jumps, basic stunts as well as basic jazz movements.

Booty Barre-

This workout class is a unique and high-energy fitness experience, which fuses together exercise techniques from the worlds of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. You will tighten and tone your whole body without adding bulk. This class is structured as an easy-to-follow pre-choreographed 60-minute class routine which alternated deep muscle-toning movements along with intervals of calorie-blasting cardio. This class is accompanied by upbeat music kept steady at a vigorous pace to get your heart pumping. No previous Pilates, Yoga, or Dance experience is required.

Latin Fitness-
Latin Fitness  is a fun and easy workout that combines high energy, Latin rhythms and dance moves to ensure a dynamic fitness workout.  The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.  Drop the workout and join the dance party!


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